Several bats found dead in Bhojpur, doctors’ team begin investigation

Prashant Pandey

ARA: Team of doctors of animal husbandry department made a visit at Tarari under the same block, 55 km south from the Ara district headquarter on Tuesday after getting information about death of hundreds of bats there.

According to locals, a large number of bats, and hundreds in number live on different trees at Tarari. But on Monday, many of them were found dead. Then they informed the doctors of animal husbandry department.

Confirming the report, the district animal husbandry officer Dr Sidh Nath Rai said that after getting information about it, he sent a team of six doctors at the incident site on Tuesday. Out of these six doctors from animal husbandry department, four were from district headquarter including Dr Raj Narayan, Dr Sudhir Prasad Rakesh, Dr Ashutosh and Dr Bhanica. One doctor, Dr Sunil Kumar was from Tarari and other Dr Manoj Kumar was from Hasan Bazar.

He said doctors who visited the site found about 200 bats dead there.

Doctors took the swab of dead bats and it will be send to Institute of animal health and production situated at Patna for testing.

District animal husbandry officer said he could tell about the reason of death of bats only after getting the report from Patna. But on experience, he could say that the incident does not seem to be connected with bird flu. Bats are of mammal group and the second most important thing is that bird flu does not held in high temperature and at present, it is more than 40 degree Celsius here.

The dead bats were buried by digging the soil upto five to six feet following all the medical procedures. The incident site and all the nearby places were sanitized too.


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