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Awinash Mandal
PATNA:—The premium trains of the Indian Railways – Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto Express – connect the capital New Delhi to other majorcities of the country including Bihar’s capital Patna. These are super fast trains which cover longer distances of the country. For the comfort of the passengers, these trains provide with various catering services. There are now revised prices of the menu items for the Rajdhani, the Shatabdi and Duronto Express.
The zonal railways consultation should calculate the catering charges for each pair of to and fro stations. In case of journeys in Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto, the catering charges should be added to the basic fare and the amount thus arrived should be round of to a multiple of Rs 5.
Hence, according to vide CC-67/2013, for first class AC travelling passengers, the price of morning tea will be Rs 15, compared to basic fare of Rs 12.50. Similarly, the breakfast will cost Rs 90, Lunch/Dinner Rs 145, Evening Tea at Rs 45 for when dinner is served and Rs 75 when dinner is not served. Moreover, the combo meal is priced at Rs 75.
Similarly, for AC two tier and AC 3 tier travelers, the morning tea is prices st Rs 10, breakfast at Rs 75 and  Lunch/dinner at Rs 125. Further, the evening tea is priced at Rs 45 while a combo meal is available at Rs 75.
For Duronto trains, for sleeper class, the rate of the morning tea is Rs 10, similar to Rajdhani and Shatabdi. However, the breakfast costs just Rs 40, Lunch/Dinner at Rs 80 and the evening tea at Rs 20. There is no availability of combo meal in Duronto Express.

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