From yoga class-room to beauty pageant, story of a Patna woman

Marriage never stops a woman from pursuing her dream career. Here is the story of  a young woman of Bihar, Suchi Prasanna, from yoga classroom to the glittering stage of beauty contest amidst blinking camera lights focused on Mrs. India Grand Universe crown. She tells Trisha Tripti what she now plans for future.

NewzStrike-How it all became possible to win a beauty pageant at the country level?

Shuchi- The crown and sash always fascinated me. Since my student life I wanted to participate in modelling but that time parents did not allow me. I graduated with commerce from a Patna based college and got married at the age of 25. Obviously, marriage brought more family responsibilities. However, my dreams did not die and continued looking for opportunities in the field of modelling and advertising. Today whatever I have achieved in life, it is because of the support of my family and especially my son.

NewzStrike-What was your first reaction after getting your name announced as the winner for the title?

Shuchi- I found myself suddenly reached on cloud nine and had goose-bumps with excitement to hear my name as a winner. Though I had confidence to make some mark, was not sure to earn the title among 53 contestants in the event held in October last. The event was organised by Archana Tomer Creation.


NewzStrike- Being a woman, what difficulties did you face?

Shuchi- For every successful man there is a woman behind but for every successful woman there must be a supporting family. To be honest I did not face any trouble during this journey. I am extremely lucky to have a supportive parents and son. My mother is my inexhaustible source of energy inspiration. She always encouraged me and managed everything for me. She took great care of my son, when I was busy with the contest preparations.


NewzStrike- After winning the first crown in Patna, how you prepared yourself for the mega event?

Shuchi- Winning any competition is not an easy task. If one dreams that just on walking on a ramp the crown comes on the head, it is a misconception. It requires hard work and strong determination. Beauty is not about outer appearance only. It is about your confidence, presentation, knowledge and how beautifully you carry yourself. It was a rigorous preparation for almost a year. I learnt ramp walk, postures, and soft-skills and attended grooming classes. I had regularly followed fashion updates.


NewzStrike- What was your son’s reaction after you won the title? Did he feel elevated to be son of the Mrs India?

Shuchi- Shiven (son) was very happy. He is too young to know about this beauty pageant. But yes, when I won a title he was super excited. He feels proud of his mother. He told his friends that my mom is Mrs. India but his friends did not believe him and then he stopped sharing this news.  He says that he knew the merits and energy and was proud of her.


NewzStrike- What are your future plans?

Shuchi- Currently I am giving time to son. I am getting many offers for Punjabi music albums, daily soaps and advertisements. Very soon I will definitely select a good project. I also plan to conduct a workshops and seminars for aspiring women who want to participate in beauty pageants.


NewzStrike- What is your advice to the beauty pageant aspirants?

Shuchi- Hard work is the key to success. Just dream is not enough. Strong dedication, determination and clear goal lead you to success. One needs to take care of oneself. Reading books, exploring places, grooming and fitness is important equally.


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