ECR to run Parcel Special Trains for essential items

HAJIPUR: East Central Railway has decided to run Parcel Special Trains for transportation of essential commodities (food material, fruits vegetables, medicines, healthcare products, medical equipment, masks, sanitizers, salt, sugar, edible oil etc) in smalls through Special Parcel Trains based on demand. At present, East Central Railway is already transporting Coal, Food grain, Salt, Fertiliser, Perishables like Onion & Potato through Freight trains. For transportation of small quantity, it has been decided to run Parcel Special trains.

The features of this service will be as under:

  1. The minimum composition of VPs in Parcel Special Trains will be based on demand. However, demand less than 05 VPs will not be permitted to run.
  2. The destination will be decided based on demand so registered.
  3. The booking shall be point to point and no enroute loading/unloading is permitted due to lockdown.
  4. As movement of essential items has been exempted from lockdown, the same will be allowed to book and transport through rail.
  5. The customer has to make material available at nearest parcel offices where demand is registered.

The above features applicable only in case of sizeable demand registered for movement of Parcel Express trains which normally runs with minimum 15 VPs (each VP of 23 tonne loading capacity). All interested parties may contact nearest parcel offices or divisional offices for registering their demand. E-Commerce customers may also contact in case of any requirement.

The details on which contact can be made are as under:

Danapur division 7759070004 Commercial/HQ 9771425969

Pt Deen Dayal Upadhyay division 7388898100 Dhanbad division 9771426669

Sonpur division 9771429999

Samastipur Division 9771428963

The industrial houses, companies, interested groups, NGOs, individuals are requested to kindly avail this facility by registering their demand first.

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